Women’s Circle

I am calling all those who identify as a woman, who value the feminine spirit, honor women's contribution to society and value our role in the evolution of humanity. Together, we give voice to the feminine wisdom within all to transform our personal and collective consciousness.

This circle is a safe haven from the headlines and rush of the day; a place for self-discovery and building of self-trust and self-compassion; and a place to safely discuss what matters to us most as women.

Is the Circle for me? Yes, if you identify as a woman, & ANY of these apply:
• if you long for real connection with others through a supportive community
• if you’re in the midst of a life or work challenge or transition
• if you desire to live your days filled with meaning & intention
• if you’re open to listening without judgment
Note: If you sometimes feel shy or uneasy about sharing, my aim is to help make this especially safe and welcoming for you.

What The Circle is NOT:

1) The Circle's not a networking group.
(There are many other wonderful social groups geared for networking.)
2)The Circle is not a therapy group, e.g. if you’re presently dealing with a crisis or mental health condition.

Should you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.