Full Moon Meditation

Full moon rituals are about celebration, releasing and letting go. This is the time to harvest and regroup your thoughts and energy. With moonlight illuminating everything, now is the perfect time to assess your agendas, goals and release whatever doesn’t serve you to create room for what inspires you. That might include but is not limited to:

Fear of change || searching externally for answers rather than going within || releasing a job/relationship/plan and the energy attached to it || the belief that you’re not good enough || comparing yourself to others || worrying about money || clinging onto things || letting go of the need for approval from others || old beliefs that are no longer serving you.

During Full Moon circles we:

  • create sacred space for ourselves so that we can release what no longer serves us or what we’ve outgrown

  • clear negative energy, remove mental obstacles or aspects of yourself that you have outgrown

  • Gain clarity and connect with like-minded people who lovingly support your on your path

In addition, each Full Moon I will offer a guided, crystal singing bowl meditation to help you:

  • Heal your heart

  • Release old beliefs

  • Deepen your connection with nature, your guides and your purpose