Full Moon

Meditation Circle & Gathering


So! You’re interested in attending a Moon Circle but want more info before you try something that could potentially be new and scary? I totally got your back, those surprises are the worst. I thought it might be helpful to dispel any myths or fantasies, so here we go.

What a Moon Circle is NOT

  • The moon circles I host are not in any way religiously affiliated, including but not limited to Christian, Pagan, Wiccan or other - done so on purpose so that you can freely project your own personal beliefs and interpretation from this practice making it that much more meaningful to you.

  • During a moon circle, what is said is sacred. We do not judge, gossip or offer unsolicited advice.

  • ALSO, we do not get naked or perform sexual acts of any kind.

*whew* Glad that’s out of the way!


What is a Full Moon Circle?


These Circles are open to all who identify as women.Full moon rituals are about celebration, releasing and letting go. This is the time to harvest and regroup your thoughts and energy. With moonlight illuminating everything, now is the perfect time to assess your agendas, goals and release whatever doesn’t serve you to create room for what inspires you. That might include but is not limited to:

Fear of change || searching externally for answers rather than going within || releasing a job/relationship/plan and the energy attached to it || the belief that you’re not good enough || comparing yourself to others || worrying about money || clinging onto things || letting go of the need for approval from others || old beliefs that are no longer serving you.

During Full Moon circles we:

  • create sacred space for ourselves so that we can release what no longer serves us or what we’ve outgrown

  • clear negative energy, remove mental obstacles or aspects of yourself that you have outgrown

  • Gain clarity and connect with likeminded people who lovingly support your on your path

In addition, each Full Moon I will offer a guided, crystal singing bowl meditation to help you:

  • Heal your heart

  • Release old beliefs

  • Deepen your connection with nature, your guides and your purpose

What to Bring:

  • An item from home that you’d like to “charge” with positive energy from the circle. This might include crystals or stones, jewelry, or a picture. Basically anything precious to you.


What to Expect:

Our moon circle take place indoors, in a circle. Pillows and blankets will be provided so you can sit comfortably on the floor. Before we begin, everyone will be purified with sage and we will chant the sacred sound of OM many times. Chanting is an excellent way to open up your throat chakra and make it easier for you to communicate your intentions, even if it is just with yourself. I use sage (a dried herb) because it is a wonderful purifier that, when burned, is used to call forth the energy of peace and love. This ritual helps to cleanse the energy and create the space for the  moon circle to begin.

We begin with a blessing honoring our beautiful earth and and giving thanks for all the blessings we have in our lives. This blessing is not religiously affiliated.

I’ll Share what’s happening with the Moon astrologically and what energy it’s bringing in. I love this kind of thing and find that it’s so amazing how we often resonate with the energy that is happening at the time.

Next we’ll release what we no longer have need for, this symbolizes the closing of a chapter marked by the Full Moon. You’ll have some time to quietly journal your thoughts after which you’ll be called forth to share if you want. Speaking your intentions out loud can be a very powerful and grounding experience and you can trust that whatever is shared in the circle will stay there. Moon circles are a safe place full of encouragement and non judgment.

One by one, we will read out loud the words you have written on paper. Set your intention to release the item/addiction/attitude from your life. Set it on fire and place it in the urn that I will provide. After you have burned your intention you will wash your hands, symbolically cleansing yourself from that burden.

We’ll practice pranayama (cleansing breath exercises) and move our bodies as I lead you through a gentle moon salutation and then get ready to settle into a guided meditation accompanied by the sound of quartz crystal singing bowls.

You’ll experience the healing tones and harmonious sensations while the rich, textural sounds created by the singing bowls resonate hypnotically throughout the room, strengthening a shared yet profoundly personal experience that will help heal your heart, release old beliefs, deepen your connection with nature, your guides and your purpose.


I hope you’ll join me for this special class. I am thrilled to be making this a regular, monthly class from here on out in accordance with the Full Moon.