Heart Healing Through Breath

Today I was asked about my struggle with depression - and although I havent had an episode in several years (thanks to a combination of a consistent yoga practice, ending toxic relationships and gaining a lot of self confidence, mostly as a result of the first two lol) I thought I'd share this tid bit for anyone who's struggling and wanting to dip their toes into a home yoga practice.
Your heart and lungs are inseparable, not only are they structurally interwoven, as the body's repository for sentiment, together they filter emotion. The reason this is important is because constricting the breath (as most of us have leaned to do just by living and existing in our fast paced, mobile, 24/7 modern lifestyle) also constricts your heart. ....
So it makes sense if you're looking to heal a broken heart or just improve your relationships (yourself included) practicing breath awareness is a good place to start. My wish for you tonight is to find some time to sit and find your breath print. Sometimes it's easier to do this laying down in bed, but close your eyes and release the weight of your spine and allow the weight of your arms and legs to sink into your mattress. Simply observe your breath sounds, depth, rhythm. Notice your breath just as it is. This is your breath print. Knowing your breath print is valuable when you begin to practice pranayama (breath control) and you can remind yourself of this when you feel fearful, overwhelmed or sad. You can do this alone or in public and no one even has to know. I promise you'll feel instantly better.

Rachel Villanueva