Heart Healing Through Breath

Happy February everyone, tis the season for love! And while the insides of stores and shops are being decorated pink and red and hung with sparkling hearts and roses for all the world to see, I thought it might be a good time to talk about how you can use Yoga to heal a broken heart and strengthening loving, heart-felt relationships with ourselves- and by extension, the world. Let me begin by telling you a story about a time (earlier this week!) when my own heart was filled with violence and rage.

Last night I went to Drink Texas (it's a bar down the street from my house) to watch Rene play a DJ set and, because the parking lot was full, I parked at the vacant, "For Lease" business next door. There were several other cars parked there when I arrived at 11 pm and I was having a great, kids free evening until someone came in yelling they were towing cars. I raced out just in time to watch my car (our family's ONLY car) being towed away down the street with no way for me to chase after it. We quickly borrowed a car from a friend at the bar and drove to the impound lot with high hopes. We figured we'd offer all the money we had on us, a combined total of $82.05, to free our car. Surely they'd see the 2 car seats in the back and have some compassion. Or check our registration and see that this was indeed our only vehicle. But as we drove deeper and deeper into the city and further away from our small town we began to worry. Upon arrival we spied our car through an electric fence at the impound lot. I was buzzed in to the main office where I stood before an angry looking young man on the other side of bullet proof glass who dispassionately stated it would be $300 to return my car. And in an instant my heart filled will violence. 

Had the business I parked at selected any of the 3 other tow companies in town my rate would have been half that. Instead they chose this one, outside the city limits, to share the profits at my expense. Coming back later to retrieve my car would add penalties and daily expense making it MUCH harder to get out. And after 30 days the tow company has the right to auction my car and keep the profits for themselves. This was all because I parked in front of an empty business, for 1 hour, well past business hours. 

I paid the fine and the whole ride home the only thing that comforted me was the thought of going  back and throwing a brick through the window of that empty business. I slept terrible and the next morning decided to teach a class full of heart openers in a semi-selfish attempt to help heal my own broken heart. 

What I found is this; Your heart and lungs are inseparable, not only are they structurally interwoven, as the body's repository for sentiment, together they filter emotion. The reason this is important is because constricting the breath (as most of us have leaned to do just by living and existing in our fast paced, mobile, 24/7 modern lifestyle) also constricts your heart. So it makes sense if you're looking to heal a broken heart or just improve your relationships (yourself included) practicing breath awareness is a good place to start. 

Today I feel better, everything is ok. I'm watching my family happily devour banana pancakes and discuss which ninja turtle to invite into our blanket fort. I feel loved and blessed beyond what I deserve and I hope you feel the same. Wishing you a wonderful weekend and month of love.


Rachel Villanueva